Nursery 幼儿班

Nursery 1 幼儿班一年级: 3 years old

Nursery 2 幼儿班二年级: 4 years old

Practicing Mindfulness

From our earliest moments, mindfulness can help minimise anxiety and increase happiness. Nursery 1 children mediating before lesson.

Children mediating
(Photo taken before Covid-19)

Little Nature Explorers

Become a little Nature Explorer and discover lots of fascinating facts about the nature. Nursery 1 Children put their DIY binoculars to good use in their outdoor walk.

Children exploring in the nautre
(Photo taken before Covid-19)
Children exploring with their diy binoculars
(Photo taken before Covid-19)

Fun with Music

Nursery 1 children having fun in their music and movement lesson with lego bricks.

Children having fun with music
(Photo taken before Covid-19)

Fun with language, literacy and numbers

Fun with Hula-Hoop numeracy activities and exploring language & literacy learning materials.

children fun with numbers using hula hoop
(Photo taken before Covid-19)
fun with language and literacy
(Photo taken before Covid-19)

Development of Gross Motor Skills

N1 and N2 children working on their gross motor skills.

Children playing balls
(Photo taken before Covid-19)
children playing sports
(Photo taken before Covid-19)